Use Your Outdoor Voice…!

Outdoor Voice

Day-Long Creative Writing Retreats

in the Pioneer Valley

–  20 miles from Amherst, worlds away from Everyday  – 


June 23  –   July 21  –  August 26

Use your Outdoor Voice…!


Join us this summer for Outdoor Voice, a series of three day-long Creative Writing Retreats in the Pioneer Valley.

Experiment with writing and sense of place – in a protected wilderness area, on a hillside high above the Connecticut River, and in other nearby sites that are worlds away from our everyday lives.

Beginners and experienced writers welcome – come and enjoy a full day of Slow Travel through writing.


For location and further details, click on individual dates, above.


You can read more about Creative Writing as a form of Slow Travel here.

8:30 – 4:30


$125 per day-long event

$75 Discount for series of three


– All sites are within 20 miles of Amherst

– You can sign up for individual dates, or all three – with a discount for the full series

– All settings are outdoors, with bathroom facilities and moderate protection (screen tent or pavilion)

– Unplugged – with no electricity, laptops need 5-6 hours of battery power …a great opportunity to experiment with paper and pen!

– Slow Lunch* provided

– If weather hinders, we will meet indoors, near Amherst center


Questions?  Registration:

Contact Kathy at

(413) 221-4652


* Slow Lunch: simple, traditional recipes, using natural and organic ingredients from local sources as much as possible. Wait – did I say ‘delicious’?  Also delicious.



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